The Art of Italian Craftsmanship in Footwear

Italian shoemakers are known for their traditional techniques and hand-stitched detailing that result in premium quality footwear. From the materials used to the design and fit, Italian shoemakers, like Aurélien, place an emphasis on producing footwear that is both stylish and functional. The country has a rich history of shoemaking, with many of its top brands having been established for over a hundred years. Today, Italian shoemakers continue to innovate and push the boundaries of design while still maintaining the traditional techniques that have made Italian footwear so highly sought after. Many people believe that Italian-made shoes are worth the investment due to their exceptional quality, longevity, and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for dress shoes, casual sneakers, or anything in between, Italian footwear is a timeless choice that will elevate any outfit.

How to identify authentic Italian handcrafted shoes?

With so many brands claiming to be “made in Italy,” it can be challenging to determine which are authentic and worth the investment. To identify authentic Italian handcrafted shoes, look for certain key features that distinguish them from mass-produced footwear. Firstly, the materials used should be of high quality, including premium leather and other high-end materials. Secondly, the …

Why is Black Friday a perfect day for Parents?

It is the day after Thanksgiving; Black Friday presents discount sales like never before to shoppers and customers, thrilling shoppers and customers to a weekend with slashed prices on products as the discounts on market items attract lots of potential buyers to place orders and make purchases. According to statistics and UK’s Review Platform, Black Friday is one of the busiest market days in the world. With the 2020 edition almost upon us, shoppers are gearing to put on their shopping shoes, sellers are prepping up their stores for massive customer turn-ups, while delivery agencies are getting ready to move items swiftly; it truly is an energetic time of the year. The season of Christmas sits right at the corner of this Black Friday event, and many make this day their holiday shopping time, and as the saying goes “it’s the most wonderful time of the Year”.

Parents and guardians during this period tend to find a little bit of financial freedom. Fewer expenses to purchase products and more things to be bought at a reasonably affordable price due to discounts. Parents and guardians who have spent little on themselves get to spend more on themselves this period, purchasing …

Thinking of a pink engagement ring? Four more things to know

A pink engagement ring is a beautiful piece to add to any collection. But the purchase of such a rare and expensive stone should be thought about thoroughly before you buy. Here we look at four more things to know and consider before you go ahead and buy this incredible stone for an incredible moment.

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The high value of pink diamonds

The pink diamond is of course very rare, and with that rarity comes high value. And being a coloured stone, the pink diamond can vary in value according to the particular shade of pink. The more purple and pink a diamond is, the more it is worth. At the other end of the scale, the more the pink hue leans towards brown shades, the lower the value. While clarity is key to none coloured stones, for pink diamonds this is less of an issue. The depth of colour and the closer the stone is to a true pink will dictate its value.

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The many colours of pink

But are pink diamonds not pink? As we have already seen, there is a range in the hue of pink diamonds. The more pink the more valuable. But …