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Discount utilized at take a look at. I am writing to comply with up on a visit that I made to your retailer on Sunday, October 7, 2007 relating to a letter despatched via certified mail on August 25, 2007 to the eye of Mr. Michael French, who had been referred to me beforehand because the manager of “Buyer Service” for the pc division at your usa

As such, I find your arguments for dismissal disingenuous and insincere, significantly in mild of the fact that you make them with out providing any evidence that would assist the argument that your purchasers didn’t receive the summonses, don’t characterize Finest Purchase at the addresses I utilized, or explain why the people I summonsed should not the most appropriate folks within Finest Purchase to handle the problems that I have raised.

You additionally assert in your October 16 letter that a refund of $1110.35 will go on to the account used to buy the product and warranty.” As of November 15 – a full month after your provide – I’ve OBTAINED NO SUCH REFUND to offset the costs I have incurred, leaving me yet again to query Best Purchase’s sincerity.

Simply put, I wanted one thing: My repaired laptop and its contents returned to me. Within the absence of that, I had hoped you’d do the accountable factor and provide me with fair compensation and a correct investigation into the circumstances that resulted within the theft of my pc at your store and, consequently, considerable time, expense, and energy on my half to try to resolve this challenge – much of which might not have been mandatory had Greatest Purchase and its esteemed “Customer Service” team acted responsibly anyplace along the way.

As a substitute, it left me exposed for months, has provided no compensation for identification theft safety prices, and now has the gall to recommend (in condition three of your offer) a plan of action that would effectively depart me exposed to id theft except I wish to proceed to absorb the cost of proactive protection usa