Thinking of a pink engagement ring? Four more things to know

A pink engagement ring is a beautiful piece to add to any collection. But the purchase of such a rare and expensive stone should be thought about thoroughly before you buy. Here we look at four more things to know and consider before you go ahead and buy this incredible stone for an incredible moment.

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The high value of pink diamonds

The pink diamond is of course very rare, and with that rarity comes high value. And being a coloured stone, the pink diamond can vary in value according to the particular shade of pink. The more purple and pink a diamond is, the more it is worth. At the other end of the scale, the more the pink hue leans towards brown shades, the lower the value. While clarity is key to none coloured stones, for pink diamonds this is less of an issue. The depth of colour and the closer the stone is to a true pink will dictate its value.

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The many colours of pink

But are pink diamonds not pink? As we have already seen, there is a range in the hue of pink diamonds. The more pink the more valuable. But there are some absolute beauties available, in hues of brown, grey and even the most delicate pastel pink. It is these ones, you might feel, that are the most beautiful. What makes this range of coloured stones so intriguing is the mystery that surrounds them.

Why choose pink?

In the past, clear stones have been the traditional colour for diamond engagement rings. If you think about it though, pink actually makes more sense. It is the colour of love and romance, and what is more romantic than the perfect proposal for the perfect partner? See what rings speak to you and your heart the most, with companies like They have an excellent range to inspire you and help you find your perfect ring.

Buying your engagement ring

Do ensure that you visit a reputable vendor who is well established. Perhaps you can get a personal recommendation. Make sure that a third party provides an authenticity certificate, and that there is a clear returns policy. A pink stone in your engagement ring is sure to make the moment even more magical.