Every Woman Should Own these Wardrobe Essentials

Experimenting with clothes and putting different looks together can be lots of fun, but for busy women, it is always good to have staples on hand to throw together quickly, yet feel confident in the result. Sometimes it is better to have a few key pieces that work well together, rather lots of garments that don’t do anything for you.

Effortless style
If you put stylish items in your wardrobe then you should be able to look stylish every single day. Staples worth looking for include a classic t-shirt in white. Fitted, loose, round or V neck, find the one that suits and this versatile item can be put with jeans, suits, under jackets or jumpers. A tailored jacket that fits really well is another hardworking element of most wardrobes. Get one that has a long line in hardwearing fabric, and check the buttons and the lining as all these details add up to a classy garment that will lift everything you put it with

Shoes are important. Flats are versatile and a neutral pair can finish off a number of outfits. White trainers never go out of style either. If you can afford it, try and get a smart pair in quality leather and these will last you for years.

A white shirt is one of those wardrobe fundamentals that you can put with just about anything, and will look appropriate for a large range of occasions, from casual to formal. For more on the timeless appeal of the white shirt, see this report from The Guardian.

Of course, a white maxi dress can be a classic yet relaxed staple of an elegant spring and summer wardrobe, and you may find a white maxi dress available at AX Paris. It could be worth investigating because a white maxi dress can be the foundation for a number of great looks.

Everybody is different, so it may take time to assemble your perfect wardrobe of stylish pieces. Figure out which colours, necklines and basic shapes are most flattering and stick to those.